Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Joy of Contributing for the cause of an Open Knowledge Society

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Dear Friends, it was a mail from koolhead17 (Mr. Atul Jha, to be precise) few days back that set me thinking. Just after contributing $50 to Wikipedia, he shared his joy with me. I was inspired too, for I too like almost any Internet surfer had seen and read the fund raising appeal of Jimmy Wales while looking for so many bits of knowledge every now and then. However, sheer laziness took me over as usual. BUT today while looking at Wikipedia for GDP, GNP etc., while teaching my elder daughter Arundhati, I decided, this has to be now only that I do my bit to see that WIKIPEDIA remains FOREVER. So I just made a contribution of $100. It was such a great feeling of belongingness to the vast community of writers, readers and moderators that the Wikipedia has now become, that I could not help but pen down few lines in praise of OPEN Source and the power of knowledge that is HOLDS and the potential to make our society in all sense of the word A TRUE KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY.

$100 is just about in the range of price of Windows 7. AND I tell you how I wish all that money for buying and upgrading to Windows 7 could have gone to ventures such as Wikipedia that need money to keep the knowledge in the society accessible to all. Wikipedia is something to which I almost refer to at least 10 times a day. I owe much of my learning today to the hundreds of unkown contributors of this VAST & DEEP OCEAN of knowledge, the unsung heroes of our Knowledge Society.

If you already have not contributed your bit, please do it today itself. Please remember, buying Windows 7 and upgrading to Windows 8... and such stuff are DEFINITELY NOT the BEST ways to build Knowledge societies, community resources and infrastructure. Put your precious penny in enriching the open communities where knowledge flows for free, even without your asking...

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